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Dated Web Feed
Occasionally, after I've updated a client's web site, the client will call to say that they're still seeing the old content on their browser, and question whether the updates were ever done. Usually it's just a matter of hitting your
"refresh" button. However, my standard reply to AOL users is, "Wait a couple of hours, then hit your 'Refresh' button."

In the interest of conserving their server resources (and money), AOL takes a "snapshot" of the web regularly throughout the day and uses that rather than live content. This means that hitting your "refresh" or "reload" button will not result in a download of up-to-date content. What to do? Complain to AOL!

Web Site Forms
I often install forms on clients' web sites to make it easier for visitors to send or request information. When the visitor hits the "Submit Form" button, the typed contents are delivered to my client via email. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work with AOL users. Many of my clients who use AOL simply are not able to receive forms via email. Either the forms never arrive or they get sent to the Spam folder automatically.

There are two possible causes for this:

  • The spam settings on your AOL mail browser are set too high.
  • The spam settings of the specific mailserver that AOL is using for your account are set very high, preventing your forms from reaching your mailbox.

First try reducing your own spam settings ...

  • Log in to your account at AOL and go to mail
  • Click on "Settings" at upper right
  • Click on "Spam Controls" at lower left
  • Set to "Low"
  • Try sending yourself a Contact Form from your site.
  • If that doesn't work, set Spam Control to "Off" and send a test form

If that doesn't work ...

  • Contact AOL and ask them to switch you to a different mailserver with less stringent spam control

If that doesn't work ...

  • Use a mail program like Outlook or Outlook Express to get your mail directly from your domain mailbox (ex., myname@mydomainname.com). Call us and we'll help you set it up.
  • Or use the Web Mail feature that comes with your hosting to get your mail directly from your domain mailbox

If you don't want to use a separate mail program or WebMail ...

  • Sign up for a free HotMail, Yahoo, or Gmail mail account.


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